Training and Consultation

We offer FASD training and consultation on the FASCETS Neurobehavioral Model (NB Model), created by FASD expert, Diane Malbin, MSW. This model is considered emerging best practice for the successful support of individuals with FASD and other brain based conditions. This training is extremely important for parents, caregivers, support workers and professionals who are working with any people who have brain difference, including children and adults with FASD, suspected FASD, Acquired Brain Injury (ABI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADD/ADHD). 

FASCETS Canada East is available, for hire, to provide FASD training at an event or conference  you are hosting or sponsoring. FASCETS Canada East is also available to host an event in your area, upon request.  FASCETS Canada East will require your support to find a suitable venue that will help us keep registration costs low.  In addition FASCETS Canada East will need your support to get the training information out to your local networks, in order to ensure we get a good turn out.  FASCETS Canada East will organize the event and manage registrations. Training is available in a variety of formats. 

Consultation Services are available for both individuals as well as within a group setting or agency. Consultation can either support the understanding and application of a NB perspective or it can focus on the integration of NB approach within an existing service or system.  Consultation can be accessed virtually or on-site at your location.  Fees for parent consultation will be provided on a sliding scale.

Training Format Options

Three -Day Training

The full model training is a full three-day training or can be delivered in either four- or eight-part sessions, depending on the group needs. This is the ideal format as it includes the full NB Model materials and provides participants with three days to begin shifting their thinking, changing their interpretations of behaviour and what to do about it!

Two-Day Training

A two-day modified format. This is a good alternative to the full three day format. This provides the most important aspects of the model while allowing participants two days to begin shifting their ideas about behaviour and its meaning.

One-Day Training

A one-day format. This format provides a good comprehensive overview of the model and its application.

Half-Day Training 

A three to four-hour format. This is an excellent overview of the NB Model and perfect for conference sessions or shorter training sessions.

We also develop and sell materials about FASD and the Neurobehavioral Model (see Resources at

Myles Himmelreich, FASD Mentor and Motivational Speaker

"FASD...Seeing It Differently" Training

Featuring Myles Himmelreich, FASD Mentor and Motivational Speaker

 This training is a unique opportunity to learn how to support individuals with FASD successfully while learning from Myles' lived experience!

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